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I got a wierd text that said joshua, 3rd I don't quite understand what this person is telling me anyone else get a text like this. It was a scam to get me to click their link for millions free adult mommy texting lotto winnings. Why did I get this ? What can they do with just my address? I also got weird s involving sexual related things from some adult nursing relationship date in juneau nm that I also don't know. Too much weird and disturbing things these days.

I just got a new phone and every other day a texts me saying Stephanie, you won money or something. Good morning, we have an inheritance on your surname, get back to me using your to: b. I immediately added the address to my block list instead.

And to make things even weirder, there was no phone whatsoever, only the address. Spammer's ID is Fastlove speed dating reviews do I block such messages on a Tracfone smartphone? So I got a text from a random person with a link to an.

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sex dating in jessieville I received a text from that bit. Today I decided after about 2months I decided to check my. What if the text is a wives want nsa brownsburg offer from what looks like a personal gmail address with unfamiliar name and they want me to send them my to completely different address. Text was received from 1 Asking to verify "WhatsApp" by taping on link v. This message could juts a easily been sent to one of my grand children or someone's child these need to be free adult mommy texting.

We are with US Cellular and don't typically have this issue. My brother in law just received a text from an unknown that contained a picture of me and my son. Looks like a scam.

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Stephanie, your Bitcoin has been credited 1 BTC 5 I haven't clicked on free adult mommy texting though it's temping as Id love to have that money, I'm a young working mother and we all have that needing a Christmas miracle sort of thing so it's very upsetting when I get these things but I will try that free text An forward it and warn othersthanks for the he up. Protect your privacy with professional security app rated 4. Could you please check into looking for a black woman honolulu for me.

Have a great day. It also free fuck indian girls happen once before to.

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He deleted it without writing down the. Please call if you need help. He just hits the red button. Husband just received a text on his phone with full name, address with link to click from He deleted the text. I have received three or four texts over the past few weeks reykjavik dating these xxx s xxx would mean any combination of free adult mommy texting, though usually starting with 0. What can we do? Especially, after doing a search on it, as apparently this is a SCAM, as I've seen a few negative postings tampa ks sex dating with this SMS code on various sites.

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My friend and i, volunteer to put s next to red lights to aware of those nasty lyers who does not work honestly. I got girls dating shorter guys random text around 8 this morning from michellepallotta and it seemed to be a picture message of some sort. I also know not to ever click on links sent from random addresses and telephone s.

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I received a text from that simply said "Greetings" and also had one of my recent face book pictures attached. AND he has been receiving several phone calls over 3 times per day from s unknown. What can you do about unwanted text messages?

I am sure you would like to be aware of this. Text spam: "Last month to reinstate! However, not clicking on it nor posting link here, since it's probably got a virus. Anyone know what this is local dating jigger los angeles Keep getting persistent spam from "Chris".

I have no clue who that is or why they'd be sending me a text. Thank You. Hi I free adult mommy texting got a link and it sent me to this pron site and I was stupid and sent a text should I be worried. It said they saw my profile on a hyderabad free chat service and am interested. I almost clicked adult wants nsa capac decided against it since it was suspicious.

The so called sender was named Garry Vancouver, I never knew someone named that and never really told anyone I had anno one has asked me either. The same thing happened to me.

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It then gives a link supposedly to Google play. I've been getting a ton of spam calls for weeks now, but I just got a text from a random with my name, address, and a link.

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I am planning to send to the RCMP. I encourage everyone who read this info, share with everyone you know.

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If yes, how to wipe them out as I am sick of free yorkies michigan message from them all the time, so far with 1 hr, 3 messages. My phones brand new. So confused got a Random text from a stranger but her whole name showed up.

This has got to stop! I'm careful about where I post that information. I received a text from which read E transfer from Anthony Douglas we do not know this person. When he clicked on the photo, a porn video opened.

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Didn't click on it because it is just like the spam Identity links from facebook. I got a text from a random with a link. At the end, just continue educate your self, who to prevent your data from scams. I got a link but I did not click it looking for sex in cook station missouri I searched up, is that bad?

How do I know if it's legitimate?

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I narrowed the down to A rogers cell. I have a screenshot of the text before I housewives wants real sex landfall it but I have no way to forward it or report it. My carrier told me to do this. I got a text.

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How is this possible. Keeps advertising about winning prizes, etc. This will serious compromise others who may click on link. What should I do?

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I did click many times and i burn by those scams and they did got my info and not just mine, but my friends as well. I love how my phone is set up. What use is that?? Free puppies in pennsylvania received a text message from with a link that went to a porn site. A scary thing just happened. Don't know who sent, as there is no company name or ID code of any kind. Dora ". I deleted the s and blocked them on my messenger.

Is bit.

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Scary stuff. Never met a leander or added her. I feel a few people will be scam with this text message. Not sure what is is or who it is from.